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Later than late and so if you're done plotting/writing etc. I do apologize and either way it goes without saying that you're more than welcome to ignore everything here but the following: THANK YOU! I'm very easy to please and so the fact that you offered any of these fandoms and are writing me a story is already all kinds of awesome.

My fandoms are:
Black Hawk Down
Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip
Valentine's Day

Black Hawk Down (2001)
Jeff Sanderson/Mike Steele
Details: A realistic post-war h/c established relationship story would just about make my year. There's a lot of history between these two already, and so having them meet up back home is also an option, but no h/c just to get the two of them in bed together, please. And I'm never a fan of anything sappy/sentimental but with these two it's definitely not an option: raw and real is how I like 'em, and angst is good as long as it serves a purpose (but surely that goes without saying) but I would like to end on (at the *very* least) a hopeful note.

Coming late to the party after only watching this movie a couple of years ago I probably missed out on possible fic and/or squee. So, years later I'm still left with a craving for something more and real between these two. My request pretty much covers the rest.

Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip
Danny Tripp/Jack Rudolph
Details: I recently watched Studio 60 again, and somehow I couldn't stop watching Jack Rudolph. What I'd love most here is the Danny and Matt friendship while Danny's either after a relationship with Jack, or already in a relationship with Jack. Some conflict between Jack and Danny is of course pretty much inevitable at some point, and I'd just love to see the sparks fly between those - banter, snark and love that's what I'm getting from these two: nothing sappy/sentimental, that's for sure. Oh, and I really am a sucker for realistic but happy endings.

This show gets more awesome every time I watch it. And Jack Rudolph as a character keeps growing on me - add to that the amazing banter and chemistry he has with Danny and my request explains itself: more of these two together is just the best thing ever, really. Oh, and, again, I really do like the Matt and Danny friendship as well but that's where it stops too: friends.

Valentine's Day (2010)
Sean Jackson/Holden Bristow
Details: I'd hoped for so much more for this couple in Valentine's Day, and while there wasn't an awful lot of room for any pairing to shine these two definitely deserved more than they got! So what I'd like to see is some serious backstory - what's their history? How did they get together, how did they break up, and when they got back together, what happened next? Lots of question marks for this potentially very interesting pairing! Not a fan of anything overly sappy/sentimental (I don't need a recapturing of the Valentine's Day mood, heh), they're very much men, and so I'd very much like to see them act as such. Oh, and I definitely am a sucker for happy endings!

Sometimes I hate spoilers for getting my hopes up. When I read about this particular couple I couldn't help but hope for something really special. And, well, let's just say I was disappointed. But still very much interested in what happened with these two and/or what will happen in the future. They deserve some (belated) love!

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